Everyone is


But few harness their full potentials to…

INCREASE their value

CHANGE their paradigms

IMPACT their world

Let us help you maximize your potentials.

Meet Scrollhouse Team Leader

I am TheShepherd Loho-u-Ter Shadrach. I’m trained in Fine and Applied Arts (ND). I have a degree in Education, a Master of Arts (MA) in Leadership and Administration and currently doing a doctoral study in Educational Leadership and Administration.
I’m married for 21 years and have two children.
I’m an author with 21 published books, a speaker of international repute and a Coach-Leader who insist on teaching you what you need to know for positive transformations.

Life doesn't have to be boring.

Visit our blog and vlog to get a jolt to an enjoyable life.


As the team leader of Scrollhouse, I have the prerogative to coach my team and clients on:

Authoring, Sex, Money, Purpose, Leadership, Speaking, Diet & Exercise and lots more.

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