When the dawn of your success is at hand, the darkness around you seems so thick that you sometimes feel you can touch it, smell it, or collide with it. If you have followed my stories on social media for some while, you’ll know I married without a mattress, and we hardly had basic necessities like clothes, food or shelter yet we never gave up.

We married in 1998 and life began to be pleasant for us at about 2001 when we moved to Jos from Gboko. In all these years of pain and suffering, we never gave up on ourselves. Our marriage was growing and we continued to develop ourselves.

My wife was the first to go back to school. We both had ordinary National Diplomas when we married. Many people were not comfortable then that I allowed my wife to go back to school before I did. I had to start school from year one and got my first degree after my wife’s Higher National Diploma.

By the time I had a degree, my wife already had a post graduate diploma in information technology. While we denied ourselves clothing and a good life to invest in developing ourselves educationally, many people looked down on us as if it was a curse to go to school.

Have you been in situations where you call someone just to find out how they are doing and they assume you are looking for help? We have been there. Some of the humiliation we’ve experienced are too embarrassing to put it on this space.

If you are going through what we’ve gone through, I encourage you to keep holding on. Never stop no matter how slow you are moving. The darkness around us continued to grow but we never gave up on our marriage or self-development.

I had to go in for a master’s degree and my organization then even gave me a query for going to school. This they did even when I discussed it with my boss. My workplace couldn’t pay me, yet I kept working. By the time I felt God telling me to move on, I left the organization with an unpaid salary of nine months. This then means, getting a paid job will not in all cases give you money.

I’ll not bore you with all we went through in Benue. Some of you who are very close to us can testify. At a point, it looked as if darkness became part of the family. By this time, it had opened its mouth and was about to swallow us. You could just look into the eyes of almost everyone and know they have given up on you.

The house we were staying in was put on sale without due notice and was finally sold. We were looking forward to seeing the new landlord, a young man who is young enough to be my son. The day he came to the house, he asked us to park on a Sunday evening. We asked him to give us time but he refused. In less than two hours from the time we met, He organized people to break down the House. We were in the house when they started removing the roof and breaking the windows. in few hours, the house was broken down. My Christianity was tested that day. I was tempted to place a curse on this landlord but I asked myself. “What would Jesus do?”

God works in mysterious ways. At the peak of our darkness, God began to do the unusual. My neighbour who we were not really close to, paid for a clean two-bedroom flat for us. Up till now, I don’t know how much he paid. Hallelujah!

Meanwhile, my wife was doing her master’s degree in Jos. One of these days I visited and Jos ECWA Theological Seminary announced two vacancies in the ECWA Seminary Church and I asked my wife to apply. The darkness we were experiencing at this time was indescribable and if not for my Christian foundation, I would have doubted God.

Giving up is not part of our family DNA. My wife would sometimes ask what was happening to us and I would say, “the thicker the darkness the brighter the dawn.” We kept holding unto God and continued to develop ourselves.

God began to answer our prayers, my wife was selected from the vast number of people who applied for the position of the registrar of Jos ECWA Theological Seminary (JETS) and was made the substantive registrar of the Institution while I teach in the institution on part time basis. Hallelujah!

How dark is your night? Friends, family, and even the Church may be aloof from you right now, but I assure you, God has plans for you. Don’t you ever give up, keep on developing yourself for opportunities that’ll come your way.

Darkness may seem to be bad but it prepares you for the great dawn. In your times of darkness, always remember why God allows all the challenges that come your way to come. God bless as you look forward to your dawn.

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