Your foolishness did not start when you married me. Your entire growing up days were encapsulated in foolishness.

How foolish could you have been when most of the youths in your time were having fun, enjoying sex and drinking beer yet you choose to be otherwise?

How foolish could you have been when many youths of your time choose to be involved with exam malpractice yet you choose otherwise? Instead, you moved from one gathering to another in pursuit of a better relationship with your maker. This was foolishness as far as the world system in concern.

Choosing to marry me was another buffoonery foolishness, so said the people around you. Yet you were not moved. I remember another foolish act when you kept writing a particular carry-over course because you refused to offer your body to the lecturer.

It didn’t make sense when I asked you to go back to school when I was not schooling. It was bigger foolishness when I insisted you study secretariat studies at a higher level.

When people were reducing their years to serve Nigeria in the national Youth Service Corps, you foolishly maintained your years when the difference was just in months.

In the years of our lowly lives, you have kept your marriage vows and loved me dearly. My big seeming foolish dreams that are just now coming to pass, have never been foolish to you.

It became obvious that your level of stupidity increase when you decided to join me to study theology instead of pursuing your dreams.

How foolish could you have been when I squashed your dreams of a master study in Counseling and Psychology, yet you foolishly choose a master in Leadership and Administration I suggested.

At a point, an opportunity later came for you to change your graduate degree to a master in education, yet I refused that you will not go to South Africa but finish your master in Leadership and Administration.

When I again suggested you apply for a job in Jos ECWA Theological Seminary—JETS, while you were still in school, you laughed but in your usual stupidity you applied and continued with your master’s program.

When other students were seeming to have fun, you burnt the candle light to read. I became a bone in your neck as I pushed you to levels I have never pushed anyone. I sometimes had to check your assignments to make sure you did the right thing, yet you didn’t see this as humiliating. Your final grades of 4.354 on a five-point scale further prove you to be a virtuous woman.

Now, I have found this virtuous woman the Bible had talked about in you. Your foolishness didn’t just give you great poise, a good youthful life, a wonderful marriage, an excellent academic life, but it has also given you a fulfilled life.

While it seemed you were throwing away your career to follow my suggestions, you were actually finding it. As you continue in this foolishness, your Ph.D. is nearer than you think. Your career will flourish in foolishness.

While your mates were lining up as graduating students, as a graduating student, you also played the role of the registrar of Jos ECWA Theological Seminary and jointly present their certificate with the chairman Board of Governors of your Institution.

On behalf of our entire family, I applaud you for your Masters of Arts in Leadership and administration and as the registrar of JETS. 

Congratulation my Salome Oyewocho Udoo Loho-u-Ter. Your foolishness has earned you a bigger fool in me.

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